Student Success Stories: Testimonials

When our son was getting ready to apply for colleges in 2012, the whole application process seemed daunting and overwhelming. We went through multiple guides only to end up more confused. Finally we consulted our neighbor who then introduced us to Surbhi. After the first meeting with Surbhi we felt that we will be able to meet the challenge with her guidance. Surbhi understood our affordability and our son’s interest. Over the next few days, she identified the list of colleges to consider and helped us shortlist the final list. She also worked out a timeline for various activities, to complete the application for the shortlisted colleges. After that she worked with our son once a week and guided him through the essay, SAT/ACT tests and the application for different colleges. Our son was very comfortable working with Surbhi and needless to say we didn’t have to rush at the last moment. Our son got admission from multiple colleges and once again Surbhi helped us whittle it down to our son’s final choice – UIUC. We enjoyed working with Surbhi and would recommend her without any hesitation.
Subramanian Family
Cupertino, CA

The college application process can be very tricky, and confusing, both for parents and students, and Mrs. Sheth-Shah was able to demystify the application process, providing step by step guidance on how to apply, while optimizing your chances of being accepted.

When I first went to Mrs. Sheth-Shah for college consultation, I realized her unique approach, when it came to choosing colleges, the topics of your personal essays, and create a resume that highlighted my strengths. I could not have done that without her help. Her guidance helped me understand what colleges look for, and how should I appeal to them. She is friendly, understands the stress students go through during this time. But she also makes sure you complete whatever is needed before the college deadlines. Thanks to her, I was on track and finished the applications before the deadlines.

After submitting 14 college applications under her guidance, I was pleased to be admitted to more than half of them, allowing me to attend my top choice school, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I highly recommend Mrs. Sheth-Shah to high school seniors, as with her guidance, you can be sure of getting positive results amidst many different things you will be occupied with during your senior year.
Aditya S.
UIUC Class of 2017

We were fortunate to have Surbhi as our son's college counselor while he was applying for college admissions. We really appreciate her professionalism, sincerity, and positive attitude in guiding our son through every steps of the complex admissions process. Surbhi took the time to understand his strengths and identified colleges where he would be a very good fit. Surbhi was in constant touch with us while we were anxiously waiting for the college replies, her calming attitude surely put us at ease. Our son is very happy and excited to go to USC with Computer Science major. Surbhi's guidance played a key role in our son getting into his dream college. We hold Surbhi in very high regards and recommend "mycollegecounseling" strongly to our friends.
Shachi S.
Fremont, CA

I remember my first phone call to Surbhi in a bit of a panic over the daunting task of helping my son get through the final phases of the submitting his college applications. He was planning to apply to 17 colleges, all with at least one to three essays or prompt responses to be submitted...and he had about three weeks until the deadlines. Surbhi first alleviated our anxieties by clearly outlining the steps and timeline we'd follow and encouraged us that he would be successful. She provided my son with guidance, tools and support and held him accountable along the way. My only regret is that we didn't hire Surbhi earlier in the planning and application process. Her guidance would have helped make the entire experience more productive and pleasant. The good news...my son was successful in submitting all his applications on time (actually, a bit early!) and was accepted into many of the top universities on his list. I believe Surbhi played a key role in this accomplishment.
Lori S.,
Saratoga, CA

When I was entering my senior year of high school, the college application process seemed daunting and overwhelming. With the help of MyCollegeCounseling, however, the process was made streamlined and significantly easier to tackle. Mrs. Sheth-Shah provided the tools and resources necessary, such as an extremely useful college spreadsheet and a list of reasonable universities. Her guidance throughout the whole process such as proof-reading and giving excellent advice on college essays were irreplaceable. Her college counseling helped me get into my number one college and allowed for a less stressful application process overall.
Kunal S.
USC Class of 2016

There were so many things about the college admissions process that I had no knowledge of. With the help of my counselor, Mrs. Sheth-Shah, I was able to manage everything in an organized manner. We started with the basics of what I was looking for in a college. As the process continued, I was able to narrow down my choices with her suggestions. Many of the colleges I applied to I had never even heard of, but they were some of the best for my major. Honestly, I would have been lost without the tips that I received. One thing that she helped me realize is that there is more out there than just the big name schools. The benefit of having someone who knows what they are talking about helps you see outside the box and explore what it is out there. The process is overwhelming but if you have a trusted advisor that breaks the steps down and guides you through the process you'll be well equipped. Thank you so much for your help!
UC Davis Class of 2015

As parents who have not gone through the college application process in the US, it was a challenge to guide our daughter in her college applications. We were learning along with her and there was always this nagging feeling that we might miss something. Surbhi's structured personal counsel to our daughter proved very valuable. The whole process started at the end of Junior year by identifying her interests and goals. Surbhi held a joint session with all of us to ensure that the goals of the student and the parents were aligned. This I consider a very important step as this way the parents can guide and support the students better, having understood the common target.

Next sessions focused on understanding what the student is comfortable with in academics, social environment and climatic conditions. Based on my daughter's GPA, ACT scores etc, Surbhi created a list of possible colleges for her. Pre-requisites for each college were reviewed the list was then narrowed down to 3 sets, reach, target and safety colleges. Surbhi also provided inputs as to what possible non-academic activities could be done to show the student's drive to achieve the desired goal. My daughter attended a camp at UCLA that solidified her intention in pursuing a career in medical field.

Application process is very resource-intensive but Surbhi's counseling gave my daughter the confidence to go through the rigors of college application. It also provided us as parents the peace of mind as now we were sure that our daughter would not be overwhelmed with the process. We really appreciate all the guidance provided by Surbhi!
Jagtap Family
San Jose, CA

Mrs. Sheth-Shah was very helpful throughout the college process. When it came to college apps she had a very organized schedule and I was finished with my college apps earlier than planned, because of this, I ended up applying early action to many schools. With almost all of my college apps finished before December, I had time to study for finals and focus on other things. Submitting my apps, I was confident that I was putting my best self out there. There were many things that simply my parents, friends, and even school college counselor could not have helped me with—this is where Mrs. Sheth-Shah came in. Thanks to Mrs. Sheth-Shah, college applications were not nearly as difficult and complicated as they seemed. In the end, I got into many of my top choice schools and was very pleased.
Siddhi D.
UIUC, Class of 2021

When our son was nearing the end of his Junior year, we started getting apprehensive for the upcoming senior year of college apps. A colleague of mine recommended Surbhi to us, having successfully gone through the college app process with his son. At the very first meeting our concerns were alleviated. She had a very well-thought out plan for the whole year with weekly meetings and deadlines for sending in essay drafts. She created a framework for shortlisting colleges based on his aptitude and interests, reviewed essays critically, highlighting our son’s strengths in a way to best appeal to each college. I highly recommend her services as we certainly benefited immensely - our son got accepted into most of the colleges he applied to!
Abhinav J.
Happy Parent (Cupertino)

The college application process is one unknown territory that every senior high school student hesitates to step into. However, having “MyCollegeCounseling” by my side to guide me through each step was tremendously helpful in kicking off the process with clarity and confidence. Mrs.Sheth-Shah provided in-depth advice and constructive feedback on my essays which made the task of essay writing not so daunting. Mrs.Sheth-Shah pointed me in the right direction of which colleges could fit me best given my academics and interests. The college spreadsheet tool she shared with us made it so much easier to compare, contrast and research each college I was to apply to. I feel deep gratitude to have had her excellent guidance with me as with her broad amount of experience, knowledge, and direction, it made the entire process a smooth ride. Thank you, Mrs.Sheth-Shah, you are the best!
Shivan V.
UCI, Class of 2021

We consider ourselves really very fortunate to have had Surbhi as our son's college counselor when he kicked off his college application process in his senior year. Surbhi’s caring nature, sincerity, meticulousness of the process and excellent professionalism and guidance made it easier for our son to go through the otherwise complex admission process. Surbhi’s quick analysis of the college selection list given our son’s strengths and interests was on the dot and helped us narrow down the list of colleges to apply to which saved us time. Her guidance with the essay writing and proof reading relieved us parents from the pressure and stress, as we knew he was in good hands. Even through the waiting period, Surbhi’s reassuring nature added a touch of ease to our anxiety. Surbhi is extremely organized and spends an amazing amount of detailed time and attention with each of her students, as if it were her own child which is truly remarkable. Surbhi’s deep knowledge of the college application process deserves an A+ and I wound highly recommend "MyCollegeCounseling" to other students and parents who are looking for quality and detailed, attentive counseling.
Bhavini V.
Happy Parent