Welcome to MyCollegeCounseling.com. We will help you get your college application process moving in the right direction

Welcome to MyCollegeCounseling.com. I will help you get your college application process moving in the right direction

The college selection and application process can be overwhelming, confusing, and stressful. We will work with you to identify several colleges that match your interests and abilities and show you how can you make your application stand out in the crowd with your personal story that yields success.

Whether you are just starting your high school, or in your senior year, call us to discuss how we will help you achieve your higher education aspirations. Our goal is to be the resource for both the parents and the students. We like to learn about parents’ concerns and desires for their children and hear from students about their interests and goals.

We believe that the college application process works best and yields success if it is owned and driven by the student, with right support from parents and counselors. It is about finding the college that is a right fit for you. 

"Our goal is to make the college application process goal-oriented and less stressful for students and parents."
Surbhi Sheth-Shah
College Admissions Consultant


Transfer Students

If you are already at a college and are thinking about transferring to a different college, we can guide you on your transfer credits, essays, and your transfer application process.

If you are planning to go to a community college and transferring to a four-year college after two years at a community college, we can guide you on classes to take for the first two years and then with the transfer application process.

Essay Consultation

If you need help with only essays, we will work with you to

  • Brainstorm the essay topics based on your experiences and interests up to 2 essays and a personal statement
  • Critique and editing of drafts
  • Proofreading of final application essays and personal statement

Looking for Resources? You've found them.

With all the information out there it can get very confusing to find what you are looking for. Take a look at our resource page to find some useful information.